Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Get Beefy! High-Protein, Low-Fat Meat Options

Most sources of meat and poultry are protein-packed and healthy, as long as you prepare the cuts low in saturated fat and cholesterol! Generally speaking, meat and poultry should be prepared with 1) the skin removed; 2) all visible fat trimmed off; 3) the meat cooked at home; and 4) minimal added fat, particularly butter.
Restaurants slather meat, poultry and seafood in fat with the addition of butter, cheese, and cream sauce. Even if the meat ordered is a “lean” cut, and it’s described as “grilled,” the meal is still jam-packed full O’ saturated fat.
For instance, a “petite” 9oz filet from Outback has more fat than protein: 44g and 40 grams, respectively. This steak contains about 70% calories from fat and only 30% calories from protein. In contrast, a 9oz filet made on the home grill would provide 20g fat and 73g of protein, and fat would contribute a moderate 37% of total calories. 63% of calories from the home-cooked steak would be in the form of iron-rich, muscle-building protein. In essence, it’s okay to indulge in red meat, but please, enjoy responsibly by firing up your own grill—the fresh air will do you some good :-)
The table includes meats with five grams of fat or less per four ounce serving. Even if your general diet is not low in fat, limit fat from meat to lower your intake of unhealthy saturated fat and cholesterol. Ensure that the name is exactly the as listed below. For example, a “sirloin tip” steak is not the same as a “top sirloin.”
(w/o skin)
Breast, thigh
Eye round ~ top round ~ bottom round ~ sirloin tip side ~ top sirloin ~ brisket flat half ~ 96% lean ground beef
Tenderloin ~ top loin ~ sirloin roast
(w/o skin)
Breast ~ 95% lean ground ~ thigh ~ drumstick
(Higher fat fish included for omega-3)
Lake trout ~ herring ~ sardines ~ albacore tuna ~ salmon.
Limit high mercury fish like swordfish, shark, mackerel king, and tilefish to one 3 oz serving per week
Leg shank half ~ loin
Sirloin ~ leg top round


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Lean meats are the best! Thanks for breaking that down!

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