Saturday, February 16, 2008

Protein-Packed Peanut Flour Please!

Hi Jean,

Where can you get defatted peanut flour in 10 to 20lb bags? I found in commericial 50lb bags but not in reasonable quantities.


I love defatted peanut flour and have searched for it extensively online. Typically, it is sold for commericial purposes, and it is used in most of your favorite peanut-flavored protein bars. Typically, it is sold as a 12% or 28% fat content and light, medium, or dark roasts. The darker the roast, the more peanutastic.

The nutrition for the 28% fat version per 1/4 cup (22g) is: 120 kcal, 6g fat, 9g protein, and 6g carbs. Per 1/4 cup, the 12% defatted peanut flour has: 100 kcal, 12g protein, 3g fat, and 9g carbs. About half of the carbs from both versions are fiber. Though the nutritional profile of the 12% flour is better, the pruduct has substantially less peanut flavor than the higher fat version. Generally speaking, defatted peanut flour is a great addition to or substitution in shakes, pancakes, baked goods. It can also be processed with cottage cheese and Splenda to make a very high protein "PB Pudding!"

Though I've never found it in 10-20 lb bags, you can get it in a 1 lb or 5lb (little over 2 kg) portion from:

This site has peanut flour in a variety of roasts and fat%. The site offers a light roast, which is very mildly flavored--the 12% fat light roast doesn't have much peanut flavor at all, but can be used to boost the prtoein content of recipes. Byrdmill also sells a medium roast, which is a little more robustly peanuty. Though the site claims it's dark roast, it's not nearly as dark as the Spices, Etc. version below.
Alternatively, Spices, Etc. sells a 1 gallon portion, which is about 3.75 lb (1.7 kg):

The Spices, Etc. flour is a 28% fat very dark roast. The super dark roast is highly flavored, but also seems a little like burned nut flavor, which can turn a lot of people off. I like the extra dark roast when the flour is going to be combined with other ingredients and diluted a lot (like in shakes and Asian-inspired sauces). For a low-fat peanut sauce, try combining 2 Tbsp of Newman's own Sesame Ginger Dressing with 1 Tbsp of dark roast peanut flour-- the flour adds a little more than a gram of fat and loads of peanut flavor. The dark roast is also very good for making low-fat, high-protein African-inspired tomato/groundnut soups.

Personally, I like the highly dark roast for recipes because the overoasting doesn't bother me; however, if you're the kind of person who prefers mildly flavored coffee, you probably won't like the dark roast flavor. Alternatively, the medium roast 28% fat is also good in a variety of application and doesn't have a hint of burned taste.

The following website also offers defatted peanut flours, though I have never ordered from this site personally:

Also to add some intensity to peanut-flavored dishes, without the extra calories, you may want to add artificial peanut flavoring, which can be found:

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Hey you can get 10lb or 20lb bag of light or dark peanut flour from Just E-mail them! I use it a lot!


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