Saturday, July 19, 2008

Protein in a Pinch- Five Super-Fast Protein Sources!

5. Hard Boiled Egg

Though eggs require a little pre-prep, they are still highly portable and make a great high-protein complete source of protein on the go!

4. Low-Fat String Cheese

String cheese is good out of the fridge for at least 3-5 hours, since it is sealed. Also, many convenience stores have the standard version available. By the way, if you are lactose intolerant, cheese is not an issue; there are no carbs in cheese, and hence, no lactose!

Frigo makes a cheese stick with only 2.5g of fat and 60 Calories, all while delivering 9g of high-quality protein! Keep a bag in your fridge at work and bid the vending machine farewell!

3. Ready to Drink (RTD) Protein Shake

There are a number of supplement companies that prepare a protein shake for you in a happy little can. Beware of the varieties that are loaded with tons of extra sugar and fat. The good ones have about 2-3g fat, 20g protein and 4-5 carbs per 12oz serving. Alternatively, have individual packets of protein on hand at all times to mix in your water bottle; this should hold you over for a couple of hours!

2. Pouch-packed Salmon or Tuna

Though pouch tuna or salmon is my quick protein source of choice, it’s not a great way to make friends on an air plane. The truly beautiful thing is that you can order a dry garden salad almost anywhere and add your handy little tuna packet to the top! You can find these right by the canned tuna in the grocery store. When eaten in public, you will be looked at like a freak of nature (and a stinky one at that) but your body will seriously thank you.

1. Low-Fat Milk

If you can tolerate milk, it’s a nearly perfect on the go protein source. Where can you not buy milk? Where!? It’s cheap; it’s tasty; it’s high-quality protein; it’s naturally loaded with bone-supporting minerals. Drinking it makes you look like a model/actor/rock star. What’s not to love?
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